KTHT 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 16: Unbowed and unapologetic

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I ask myself these questions

Listening to
The answers change.

Thanks to Diana C. and Know Thyself, Heal Thyself for the 30 days of poetry prompts!

30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 15: A life of one’s own design

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What if
in pursuit
of my
Life, Liberty, and Freedom

I lose
sight of
my goal
Trip, Stumble, and Fall

Ending up
face first
in the
Grime, Dirt, and Filth

That is
the corporate
wasteland of
Tired, Huddled, and Poor

Longing to
be unshackled
from their
Despair, Sadness, and Futility?

What if
from here
I find
Strength, Compassion, and Fortitude

To help
lift another
up with
My hand, A smile, and Friendship

So he
or she
can feel
Dignity, Respect, and Fearlessness

Or simply
to feel
human again
Honored, Nurtured, and Forthright?

Thanks to Diana C. and Know Thyself, Heal Thyself for the 30 days of poetry prompts!

KTHT 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 14: Stepping out of the Stone Age

Photo by Andras Kovacs on Unsplash

A jumble of buildings squatted some distance away, dark and low
What used to be a harvest moon
Rises in the background
History no longer remembers this place

A cracked highway, weed-choked and crumbling
Traces the exit of humanity’s footprint
Leaving nothing else behind except
A jumble of buildings squatted some distance away, dark and low

No one thought they’d ever “drop the bomb”
But someone pushed the button
Leaving neutron-burned scavengers behind to howl at
What used to be a harvest moon

Night folds into day Though the two are hardly distinguishable Except for the pale blue sun which…

KTHT 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 13: The centre of power within the family unit

Photo by Ray Hennessy on Unsplash

Harvest moon above
She-wolf protects pups from cold
Grey keeps watchful eye

Thanks to Diana C. and Know Thyself, Heal Thyself for the 30 days of poetry prompts!

KTHT 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 12: A time of conflict or turmoil

Photo by Taylor Heery on Unsplash


Richard J. Woods
died on a Saturday
in a field
three-quarters of a mile
from the airstrip.

“I’ve lost an engine,”
was all he said.
The plane flipped over,
yet they are not sure
if it was

I wonder
if he screamed
or was he complacent
as the plane tumbled earthward?


Today I backed
my car
into a pole —
denting the fender.


Richard McDowell
died on a Sunday
in a bathroom
three-quarters of a mile
from the street corner.

“Oh my God!”
was all he might have said
to no one listening.

His face, they…

KTHT: 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 11: Defying tradition and conformity

Photo by Adrien Olichon on Unsplash

Note: These were both written nearly 40 years ago during a semi-tough time. Society says we must be happy and busy, social and friend-full to fit in. It isn’t like that at all, and the last 18–20 months have entrenched these feelings for many. However, finding the strength to put feelings into poetry helped begin a period of healing for me shortly after 2.0 was written. I am thankful for the courage of all writers and poets who do not hide from their fears or feelings.


To be alone on Christmas and have time — to think…

This can be re-published, let's say, monthly at least and it will still take a long time before everyone gets it. (LOL). Very clearly stated.

KTHT 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 10: Addressing self-imposed limits and restrictions

Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Inching Along
you find your way,
often without focus,
seeking knowledge
you may not understand.

Inching Along
safely through the day
keeps routine at the helm,
and does not risk
a leap of faith.

Inching Along
it is easy to look back.
Security is found
where you have been,
and then never straying far.

Inching Along
your steps are small and sure.
The bumps along the way
are seldom able
to knock you from the path.

Inching Along
the future brings no fear.
It is always just ahead,
and danger yet to come
always out of sight.

Inching Along the…

KTHT 30 day Poetry Challenge: Day 9: Reconnecting with innocent pleasures

A Fly Fisherman meets a guide

Photo by Rick Wallace on Unsplash

Author’s Note: Fly fishing is one of my great, and simplest pleasures in life. Though not in poetry form, the following is the second fictional piece of writing I have done about fly fishing. It comes from an unfinished short story I wrote several years ago, titled The River Zen, and is an unabashedly poor attempt at adapting my favorite book, Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach, to fly fishing. My apologies to Mr. Bach. In addition, the tale is inspired by an evening of fishing in Colorado. The dusk had fallen so deep in The…

KTHT 30 Day Poetry Challenge

Day 8: Delight in the moment

Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

And they with balding heads,
their half-dollar spectacles,
and beards that almost touch
the floor (when they lie down).

With smiling metaphors
and metaphysical similes,
and insights of all that’s nuclear,
I find it more — unclear.

Maybe it’s because I work
for a living — A real job
that pays real money,
which is always enough
to be starving,
but not an artist.

A love found by the oceanside
or with the girl next door
seemed foreign to me.
Maybe it just didn’t happen.
Or I blinked
at the wrong time.

And sure I thrill at
the sight
of an exotic dancer
and see the statement she is making;
except that she is naked.

Thanks to Diana C. and Know Thyself, Heal Thyself for the 30 days of poetry prompts!

Dean K Miller

Poet, Fly Fisherman, Writer, Retired FAA ATC, co-founder of Platte Rivers Veterans Fly Fishing, discovering what life offers and relishing the chance to smile.

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